Pay Your Rent

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Post-dated cheques in the office
  • Cash under $200 in the office
  • Pre-authorized debit payment
  • Rent Moola

Rent Moola

Rent Moola is a payment method to pay online.

Features and Benefits of Rent Moola

  • Rent Moola does charge service fees for all transactions. Service Fees are charged in addition to the principal amount.
  • Any card, anytime, anywhere
  • Access the MoolaPerks program for exclusive discounts
  • Pay rent, parking, storage, deposits and other one time payments online or on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android phone with your favorite rewards credit card or direct debit
  • No more hassles or costs with writing cheques
  • Eliminate late payments or bounced cheques
  • Turn your existing payments into points or miles for trips and stuff you want​

How Rent Moola Works

  • Sign up here.
  • Search for our property with our postal code: N2L0C2
  • Get approved by our property manager in 24 hours
  • Start making your payments by setting up recurring payments or one-time payments
  • Earn reward points or get cash-back with credit